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Activity changes
the dynamic
of therapy

What we do.

BODA creates an immersive therapeutic experience that offers our clients something beyond an hour weekly therapy session in an office space.

  • BODA takes clients outdoors, where exposure to nature has been clinically proven to positively affect mood and concentration, reduce short term memory issues, reduce symptoms of PTSD, and reduce stress overall.

  • We facilitate therapy during familiar and enjoyable activities rather than in a traditional office setting - hiking, biking, skiing, etc.

  • We help individuals, families and groups grow and heal utilizing a unique blend of modalities in a gamified approach.

  • We use a family-centered approach to identify and undo unhelpful patterns and triggers.

  • We strive to make therapy enjoyable while creating a blueprint for maintaining wellbeing.

Our methodology.

BODA draws from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as in-action group psychotherapy, the BODA approach teaches participants new “core” skills and facilitates practicing them in a fun and immersive environment with like minded peers who are similarly motivated.

Core Skills refer to basic skills that can be used in the family dynamic, groups or other domains.  These Core Skills are:

  • Skills to stay calm
  • Skills to validate others
  • Skills to communicate effectively
  • Skills to achieve a greater state of presence by being able to identify unhelpful thought-patterns and feelings, and then identify when they come up in the present moment.
With more than an hour with clients, the BODA approach creates an environment in which participants can practice these core skills over and over again until they get closer to mastering them and are better equipped and more likely to integrate the skills into their everyday lives. 

The BODA approach is a family-centered approach.  Families of origin are often the place where unhelpful patterns and triggers originate.  Family work - whether in person with family members or role-playing with staff - becomes the fertile ground for identifying and undoing these unhelpful patterns in an effort to transcend old hurts, to feel validated and to resolve what has felt unresolved. 

Finally, the BODA approach takes participants out of their environments where these unhelpful patterns and triggers were created, and places them into a familiar and enjoyable environment or activity.  Activities and nature become the setting in which skills are used and practiced.  As a result, participants can be more present, less triggered and unencumbered by distractions such as electronic devices that prevent them from being present enough to do their own work and become their best selves.

When back in their everyday lives, the BODA approach ultimately allows participants to take the core skills they have learned and practiced and use them in their everyday lives within their families, within groups and other domains. 

Our difference.

Intensive therapeutic work does not need to be anxiety-ridden, dred-filled hard work. Rather, it can be dynamic, engaging and even enjoyable. While participants engage in activities such as hiking, biking or skiing, therapy occurs - seamlessly, effortlessly and in some ways, unknowingly.

Therapy then becomes fun, and consequently, participants are more engaged and more invested in their own work.

Connections, awareness and progress occur because participants become totally aligned with the BODA approach.

BODA’s selection process also involves a comprehensive assessment not only of the clients’ history, but of the client’s needs and of his or her own strengths. Our process pays particular attention to how an individual fits and functions in a group. How a participant functions in a group and connects with others is as important as the individual work itself. Therefore, we are very thoughtful and methodical about how we assemble a group to maximize growth for each individual.
My son would never do therapy in a traditional office setting. Boda Therapy and Andrew Tepper provided an
experiential, active and fun way for my son to work on himself.
Boda Therapy is not a one and done program, it’s a support system that makes sense. Thanks to Boda Therapy, my son has learned real coping skills and has the blueprint he needs for maintaining his well being. Boda Therapy is a life-saver.

Giving participants an immersive therapeutic experience beyond what could be accomplished within the confines of an office setting.